Course Testimonials

The best people to tell you about the benefits of attending our training courses are our customers, so here in their own words are some of the many positive comments regarding our courses

“ Heather is really lovely and very knowledgeable. She delivered the time management course very well and managed to get us all to think about how we can incorporate the training into our daily roles, which considering those attending had very different types of roles, is testament to her ability to make the learning relative”.

“Heather made the Customer Service training really interesting and although I have covered some of the information before she made me think differently about it and how it can be applied to my job. She is a great trainer though and her delivery is excellent”

Staff at QMGS

Understanding Export and Export Documentation – virtual training course

“we had three members of the team attend the online Understanding Export & Export Documentation Training course on 9th June and we were very happy with the course and what and how it was delivered. We had a good range of old dogs through new starters on the programme and all found it engaging and interesting. It was the first time that any of the team had been involved in virtual training and the trainer did a great job of being engaging and informative – you have created converts overnight!”

Piran Littleton, MD Jesmonite

Health and Safety in the Workplace

“Interesting and tailored to everyone”
Danielle – Fortis Sports

The Strategic Leader

“Understanding the value of strategy and onboarding members is key to driving engagement”
Liam – Pure Telecom

“All of the course was new learning for me. It has given me an understanding of what I need to do and how to move forward”
Rhian – in2access

“Looking at the Vision/Mission and Strategy of getting employees on board with Vision statement – Wonderful”
Judith – Cedar Education

SEO for Beginners

“Very good – I now have a full-time job!!”
Rob – Security Wise

Letters of Credit

“Great course, very informative and personalised to suit scenarios. Thank you Sue”
Tina – Aviramp

“Yes, not knowing anything about LC’s, I left feeling a lot more confident and knowledgeable
Katie – Aviramp

Improving Customer Relationships

“Learning to use people’s name, simple but effective
Liam – Pure Telecom

“Learnt some useful techniques”
Jason – Fitsco

” A good class – focus on what the end customer wants as I tend to look at the situation from the business side”
Rhian – In2access

“To deal with complaints in a more confident manner”
Ryan – TCL Packaging

Presentation Skills

“Practice, Criticism (constructive), perserverance with each one on the course”
Gabriella – Rosewood

“Really useful course, good mix of participation and listening. The learning continued throughout the course”
Harry – Energize STW

Fire Marshall and Awareness

“Excellent, very informative. Lots to take back to the workplace and look in to…(and home too!)”
Carrie – Beta Tools

“Interesting, informative, lots of knowledge and experience”
Sven – Shropshire Recovery Partnership

“Very engaging – much more interesting than other fire safety training I’ve previously done”
Stevie – Shropshire Recovery Partnership

Export Documentation – Getting it Right

“Most useful – Incoterms, proof of export. Least useful – quote and proforma info, only as I don’t use this is in my role”
Lauren – Cofresco

Word Press in a Day

” I am now able to create and develop my wordpress site. I am also able to optimise the performance and visibility /ranking of the site”
Dale QualClean

Social Media Strategy

“Loads of ideas on how to impliment simple things for business, will be going through plan with boss to set in motion”
Zoe – Geofloor

“Lots of great tips again. Realised I need to update, nurture and make most of LinkedIn”
Alison – The Bee Lady


Improving Workplace Wellbeing

“Thoroughly enjoyed the course and it was very interesting listening to Phyl, very knowledgeable”
Anne – AMC Massage and Reflexology

“Some good case studies/references were dated e.g. 1996. Very good, enjoyable and informative course”
Rachel – Pure Telecom

“Excellent trainer, very useful information, particularly signposting to online resources, loved the LLTTF books
Charmaine – Bellmans Yard