Charlotte Greenman

Accredited Marketing


Marketing, Sales & Social Media Training

Charlotte Greenman specialises in helping you join up your Marketing, Sales and Social Media to Create Clients for Life through CPD Certified Training, Consultancy and Strategy Sessions.

This includes generating leads with your ideal clients and showing you how to connect and sell to them without being salesy so that you create a steady stream of clients for life who don’t buy on price and willingly give referrals.

That’s everything from finding and reaching your target market, packaging your products and services to make them irresistible and getting your message clear right through to using your social media profiles and website to generate free leads and closing sales more effectively.

In addition, Charlotte can also show you and your team how to boost their sales figures and beat their targets by enhancing their telemarketing knowledge, improving their cold calling skills, developing their ability to get past gatekeepers and enabling them to make more qualified appointments with fewer calls.

Together with her Business Management Honours Degree, she has over 27 years of experience and hindsight in sales, marketing and lead generation and she’s a CPD (Continuing Professional Development) certified Trainer, Presenter and Speaker who is happy to share all her knowledge with you.

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