100% Funded Training

If you are an SME with less than 250 full time equivalent members of staff and you are based in the Marches area, we are able to offer you 100% funding for our training courses, including Sales, Leadership, Online Marketing, Customer Care and Health & Safety.

The course calendar that is available through the 100% Funded route can be downloaded here, this list is being added to frequently, so check back regularly.

If you have 10 or more staff that you wish to undertake a bespoke course that meets your requirements, please do not hesitate to contact the Training Department on 01952 208200 or training@shropshire-chamber.co.uk

As with anything that is fully funded, there is some pain to go through and there are two forms that will need to be completed;

  1. Company Data Form, this is all about your company, where it is based, the number of staff you have and what the outline of your business is, along with what training requirements you have. A completed example form can be downloaded here to act as a guide.
  2. Individual Application Form, each individual that you wish to undertake a course(s), needs to complete this document. Part of the form asks questions that means our trainers can better understand how the individual likes to learn, this will ensure that the training is as meaningful as possible. This is also helpful for the individual and their manager to know. This form will only need to be completed once, irrespective of the number of courses the individual takes. A completed example form can be downloaded here to act as a guide.

A How to Guide has been produced to help you and your team to complete the forms, please download here.