• Mental Health Charter

    Mental HealthCharter

Our Mental Health Charter was launched in March 2021 and has been jointly produced by Shropshire Chamber and Merulae Ltd and provides a framework for providing a workplace that is supportive of the mental health and wellbeing of your workforce.

Why sign a Mental Health Charter?

To make your commitment to improving mental health and wellbeing in your organisation. To make a promise to promote good mental health which is beneficial to your organisation, your employees and the business community of Shropshire.

To recognise that your workforce and their families may experience mental ill health during their lives and as an organisation, you have a responsibility to ensure you can provide access to mental health support, provide awareness and training and put in place a structure and systems to support people in the workplace.

Everyone in the workplace has the right to work in an environment that promotes good mental health and wellbeing.

As an employer and service provider, you will work to create a workplace culture that promotes equality of opportunity and respect for those with mental ill health and provide a positive service to people with mental ill health.

Your goal should be to embed the 3 Charter Principles in your organisational structure to demonstrate leadership in mental health and wellbeing.

The Mental Health Charter is not a set of quality standards or an accreditation but is a voluntary commitment to developing best practice in the workplace.

As organisations, we need to stand united, we need to stand behind the guiding principles and we need to show that we mean business when it comes to our employees mental health.

We encourage businesses to sign the Charter, to engage with us and take a journey of recognising the importance of mental health and wellbeing in their workplace and pledging to support their employees.

Through this journey, you will also be able to access webinars, podcasts and training to commit to this agenda.

Let’s make it our mission, to unite as a business community to de-stigmatise issues surrounding mental illness.

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