• Chamber Team

    Chamber Team


  • Richard Sheehan Richard Sheehan Chief Executive
  • Ruth Ross Ruth Ross Deputy Chief Executive
  • Marie Raybould Marie Raybould Director of Finance
  • Mia Carter Mia Carter Director of Membership

Membership Services

  • Rachel Owen Rachel Owen Membership Manager
  • Alison Gray Alison Gray Marketing and Communications Manager
  • Hollie Jones Hollie Jones Training Manager
  • Gwynneth Slavin Gwynneth Slavin Membership Recruitment Executive
  • Nicola Clinton Nicola Clinton Finance Assistant
  • Alex Brown Alex Brown Policy and Projects Officer

Export Services

  • Steven Rushton Steven Rushton Chamber Customs Manager
  • Caroline Volles Loos Caroline Volles Loos Chamber Customs Officer
  • Ingrid Griffiths Ingrid Griffiths Export Documentation Manager
  • Will Higgins Will Higgins Export Documentation Assistant

Department For International Trade

  • Shernel Stevenson Shernel Stevenson Head of International Trade
  • Gail Jennings Gail Jennings International Trade Advisor
  • Norman Rikunenko Norman Rikunenko International Trade Advisor
  • David Caine David Caine International Trade Advisor
  • John Wigley John Wigley International Trade Advisor