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Shropshire Chamber can support local businesses, of any size or export experience, in navigating international trade. Through free advice and Government backed services.

If you need guidance with import and export rules, overseas trade fairs, market visits, documentation, or training our team can offer expertise and practical support to help your business grow in new and existing markets.

Shropshire Chamber Customs Services

We are the only customs agent with connections to all Land, Air and Sea clearance ports in the UK.

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Shropshire Chamber Documentation Services

As a fully accredited issuing body, we can certify UK/Arab certificates of origin and UK-EUR1 movement certificates.

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Contact the International Trade Team

For all your overseas commerce enquiries, please get in touch with the International Trade department.

Department for Business and Trade

This is a highly specialised team of International Trade experts who can help you source new markets, understand trade opportunities and support you through the whole process.

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Latest International Trade Events

What could be more rewarding than seeing your company grow beyond borders? This series of workshops offers the chance to learn about a markets culture before visiting, making sure you make the best impression and start your business relationship off correctly.

Business Culture Workshop

Learn about a markets culture before visiting, making sure you make the best impression and start your business relationship off correctly

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International Trade Training

Training to help exporters review and discuss areas of customs procedure including the documentation.

Customs Procedures and Documentation

Shropshire Chamber have created a series of training opportunities so that exporters can “hit the ground running” and succeed

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What are Incoterms?

Incoterms are a set of internationally recognised 3-letter trade terms. They describe the practical arrangements for the delivery of goods from sellers to buyers and allocate the obligations, costs and risks between the 2 parties. They are produced by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and updated periodically to reflect changing trade practices.

How do I find new export markets?

Export market research is key to identifying new export markets. Selling to a new market without the right information can cost time and money.

Research helps exporters determine:

  • Which markets to enter and when.
  • The best routes into a market.
  • How to position your product or service in your chosen markets.
  • Suitable customers, and any competitors.
  • Barriers to market entry.

Before undertaking or commissioning research please contact the international trade team and speak with a local International Trade Adviser.

How do I manage non-payment?

Before you fulfil an order, you need to think about what happens if a buyer doesn’t pay. You should:

  • research the country to see what legal recourse you have
  • consider a payment method that offers more security like a letter of credit
  • consider getting insurance to cover the risk of non-payment (credit insurance)

For exporters, managing payments due is an important part of trading successfully and profitably in international markets. It is vital that businesses manage this process just as carefully as they would when dealing with domestic clients. There are some key points to consider in managing non-payment successfully. 

What is one key tip for entering new markets?

Understand the local business culture. Taking an interest in the culture of your customer helps build trust and shows you are serious about a long-term relationship. Not being prepared could lead to a misunderstanding that affects your business relationship. It is worth finding out if the culture is more 'relationship' or 'transactional'. In the former, your prospective clients will want to take time to get to know you and build the relationship. In transactional cultures, clients are more likely to want to get to the point of discussing the deal.

How can I be sure I’m trading compliantly?

It’s important for a business of any size to ensure all their paperwork is in order for a HMRC audit. Since leaving the EU it’s no longer a case of ‘If’ but ‘When’ it happens.

The Shropshire Chamber of Commerce can carry out a tailored audit of your businesses’ Export and Import activity to make sure you’re ready for HMRC, avoid potential civil penalties and identify long term cost savings. Get In touch for more details.

Can I appoint my own Customs agent?

Yes you can! In all cases where you are responsible for the Export or Import customs clearance you can use your own Customs agent to carry this out on your behalf. This can save time and money compared to using multiple brokers through multiple freight companies.

Speak to our ChamberCustoms team to find out how a dedicated agent can benefit you.

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