• Our Vision, Mission and Values

    Our Vision,Mission & Values

We represent the interests of Shropshire businesses, enabling them to collaborate, create valuable connections and offer our members a comprehensive range of business services to help them prosper.

Our vision

To be the most effective, comprehensive and trusted business membership organisation that works with and for businesses across Shropshire and beyond.

Our mission

Shropshire Chamber is the voice of Shropshire business and the premier sounding-board for engagement with businesses throughout the region. Our aim is to maintain Shropshire's position as the United Kingdom's most dynamic, connected, equitable and sustainable region in which to work, live and visit.

Our values

We believe in:


We will treat business partners with the respect they deserve


Our work must be held to the highest standards of probity and honesty


Our views and policies will be based on transparent, verifiable and accessible evidence gathered and analysed in accordance with best practice


We take responsibility for our actions and our words


We will seek to engage and work with the wider business community as well as other regional Chambers


Fair, ethical, quality assured services that are accessible to all members

Shropshire Chamber is a catalyst to support and grow a vibrant Shropshire economy.

Shropshire Chamber is one of only 53 Chambers accredited to the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), which represents thousands of businesses in the UK and is the only truly independent UK business support organisation which has local representation, credibility in the eyes of the Government and the media and is consulted at all levels by Government. 

The BCC is the national body for a powerful and influential network of accredited Chambers of Commerce across the UK; a network that directly serves not only its member businesses, but the wider business community. It represents thousands of businesses of all sizes and sectors employing over 5 million employees.