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ChamberCustoms delivered through the Shropshire Chamber of Commerce supports UK businesses of all sizes with Export, Import and Transit customs clearance.

What Makes Us Different

We are the only customs agent with connections to all Land, Air and Sea clearance ports in the UK.

Unlike other customs agents, freight forwarders and brokers – we don’t subcontract your declarations to other agents or offshore processors at port of entry or exit.

You deal directly with our UK based team with direct access to HMRC and all port inventory systems.

Why Use ChamberCustoms

  • ChamberCustoms are experts in the complex nature of international trade
  • We are compliant and efficient with speedy processing of customs declarations and transit documents
  • We offer two easy to use customs clearance options to traders; Fast Track using our online portal and Fully-Assisted

CC Fast Track Fully Assisted

Find out more about our customs clearance services by contacting a member of the team!

Email customs@shropshire-chamber.co.uk

or call 01952 208200

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Do I Have to Be a Member to Access ChamberCustoms?

ChamberCustoms is open to Chamber Members and non-members. However, Chamber Members also benefit from reduced declaration costs and regular International Trade updates from our on-site experts and the greater Chamber network.

Shropshire Chamber members gain access to more than just reduced customs entry costs. Get in touch to find out how you too can become a member.

What is a Customs Declaration and why do I need one?

Customs declarations give details of goods being imported and exported into or out of a customs territory. They communicate the origin of the goods, their relevant tariffs, allow calculation of duties payable and restrictions applicable to those goods.

Customs declarations can be complicated and tricky to complete. However, it is important to get them right! Mistakes can cause delays, incur extra costs and be subjected to penalties from HMRC. ChamberCustoms offers their customers an HMRC-compliant service that you can trust. Get in touch to find out more.

What Is a T1 Transit Document?

A Transit (T1) document covers the movement of goods between countries with duties suspended. This allows goods to travel across customs territories, suspending duties payments until the end destination.

Our ChamberCustoms agents can process T1 Transit documents on your behalf giving you more control over your Exports.

What are Incoterms®?

Incoterms® are international commercial terms for the sale of goods which determine the shipping and delivery responsibilities, obligations, costs and risks for both importers and exporters involved in global trade.

Choosing the correct Incoterm® is a vital part of trading internationally, so it is important to get them right from the start.

Shropshire Chamber offers training courses in a variety of international trade subjects, including Incoterms®, which you can find here.

What is Origin?

Goods Origin states where a product originates (not where it was shipped from). For natural goods, such as raw materials, flora, and fauna, this is where they are obtained, born, or grown. For manufactured goods its where the last substantial economically justified process takes place.

It’s vital to know the origin of the goods you are exporting/importing. Especially when claiming preferential origin for customs duties on Imports.

What is a Commodity Code?

Commodity codes are used to classify goods being traded internationally. They ensure duties, trade measures and restrictions are applied correctly when importing and exporting goods. The UK commodity codes can be found in the UK Tariff and are based on the Harmonised System (HS) codes developed and maintained by the World Customs Organisation (WCO).

Shropshire Chamber can provide the support needed via training and/or consultancy delivered through ChamberCustoms. Please get in touch for more information.