A ‘workplace wellbeing zone’ is being created at Shropshire Chamber of Commerce’s October expo to demonstrate the importance of a wellness culture for businesses.

The Connectin Business event is being held at Lion Quays Hotel near Oswestry on October 13, from 7.45am until 2pm.

It is free to attend, and is aimed at businesses looking to forge new contacts, raise their profile and extend their business knowledge.

As well as a large expo area, the day will also include a speed business networking workshop.

The workplace wellbeing zone is sponsored by Shropshire-based Wellbe Coaching and Wellbe Hub.

Laura Butler, the director and driving force behind the business, said: “Healthy, balanced people bring energy and focus to what they do.

“Connected people feel a sense of purpose. They believe in creating a healthy, positive and resilient workplace with a proactive wellness culture where happy staff thrive.

“Wellness is a buzz word at the moment, but this isn’t a fad. It’s no longer a novelty, or just for the progressive organisations, it’s no longer just a CSR tick box. It’s a must.

“You have a maintenance programme for your photocopier, but do you have one for your staff?”

Admission to the event is free, but companies can register in advance. For all the details, see www.shropshire-chamber.co.uk/events or call the Chamber team on 01952 208200.