We all know that a talent shortage is a major problem. Individuals are still going through sudden career changes, leaving gaps in the workforce, and difficulty to replace the skills, experiences, and sometimes the characteristics which once filed the valuable position.

  • Have you been subjected to the ‘Great Resignation’?
  • Are you still having difficulties in recruiting the best talent in a very competitive labour market?
  • Have you recently evaluated your onboarding process?
  • Does your employer brand stand out from your competitors?

But why are you looking to replace the role like for like? Remember the role is what the previous candidate made of it; so what new qualities and initiatives could a new candidate bring to your team, and how can you raise their interest in joining your company?

The pandemic has also had a significant influence on job seekers’ attitudes towards employment. More flexibility surrounding when and where work can be completed is desired, with the work life balance very much more weighted on the life side of the scale.

Gone are the days when you can set out a structured recruitment campaign, with a set closing date, interview date, and date for collaborative decisions to be reached. If you want to hire the best talent, this is now a race, and you must be quick with meeting your candidates and securing an offer.

How can WR Partners help?

Feel free to complete our HR MOT, which will highlight if your recruitment approaches are the best they possibly can be, to support with attracting, recruiting, and onboarding the best talent, to keep you and your company ahead of the game.

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