iconsys, a leading UK power, and automation solutions provider and systems integrator has been selected to support the world’s first full-scale offshore power buoy for vessels.

The project will see iconsys’ shore-to-ship power solution, iConvert™, provide offshore wind farm energy to vessels through a power buoy. It is designed to support the decarbonisation of the maritime industry by eliminating vessel hotel load emissions while safely moored to the power buoy. Substituting fossil-based fuels with green electricity will eliminate substantial emissions and noise pollution while the buoy is in use.

The power buoy is large enough to supply an SOV-sized hybrid-electric vessel, it is hoped the same solution can be scaled up and deployed in multiple offshore wind farms globally.

iconsys’ iConvert™, which provides the technology, is a fully integrated product that offers unlimited flexibility of voltage and frequency, providing fully flexible vessel connectivity solutions. It is compliant with all relevant standards using proven mature electric or fuel cell technology platforms and is capable of cloud-based asset performance monitoring and energy usage alongside 24/7 smart support. 

Nick Darrall, Managing Director at iconsys, commented: “I am pleased to see iconsys selected as the technology supplier for this project which is down to our team’s deep knowledge of these applications and obvious technical competence. We look forward to a long-term partnership with our client and to see the project expand and roll out globally.”

Tim Munn, Business Development Consultant – Marine & Ports, commented: “The global maritime industry is intensifying efforts to curb its carbon footprint and we are delighted to have our solution selected for this important project.”

“The global offshore wind industry continues to grow with the European sector now reaching a scale and size where sustainability and operational emissions are a key focus.”

“It’s great to see the offshore renewables industry driving this project forward to allow vessels, which play a critical role in the supply chain, to reduce emissions for the environmentally sensitive wind farm operators.”

For more information on iconsys and iConvert™ visit iconsys.co.uk