This year for 'Restart a Heart Day', which is an initiative to provide more awareness in basic skills such as First Aid and CPR, the MedUK Group Ltd makes a lifesaving donation to a local charity. 

The MedUK Group Ltd of Shrewsbury has donated a brand-new lifesaving defibrillator worth over £1,000 to a local charity, The Cavalier Centre, Much Wenlock, that supports disabled persons with the opportunity to undertake sports activities and hosts a number of events. 

The donation comes after the charity spending several years raising funds towards a lifesaving device, that can now be invested in to supporting disabled persons accessing the centre and to help with the general upkeep of the site. 

A defibrillator is the essential piece of equipment that is required when a casualty collapses and suffers a 'Sudden Cardiac Arrest', which is when the heart stops working and requires an electrical shock from a defibrillator, to attempt to restart it. Accessing a defibrillator early prior to the arrival of an ambulance, is essential for increasing a person’s chance of survival from a Sudden Cardiac Arrest, which can occur at any time. 

Company Director, Chris Phillips, said "It has been a pleasure to support a local charity with their ambition of fitting a lifesaving device to support their service users and neighbouring community, which is vital given their rural location. This year, instead of investing money in the marketing normally provided on Restart a Heart Day, we decided to invest the funds in actually providing a lifesaving device to a local charity, so they can focus on investing their funds in delivering their services". 

MedUK Group are international suppliers of Defibrillators, First Aid and Medical Equipment which have become increasingly popular, following the televised Sudden Cardiac Arrest suffered by international footballer Christian Eriksen, who was revived on live television by using a portable defibrillator. 

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