An award-winning digital expert is warning of a significant change in the world of Google Analytics and is urging businesses to act now to ensure a smooth transition.

Universal Analytics - the version of Google Analytics that most websites are using - will stop working on July 1st next year. Its replacement, Google Analytics 4, will not be enabled automatically and businesses will need to ensure it is set up and configured if they wish to continue using Google Analytics. The new service is already available for businesses to start using straight away.

Helen Culshaw, Director of Newport-based digital agency Ascendancy, said it was important that businesses made the switch now to avoid the problem of having no available historical data after the July 1st deadline.

Google Analytics 4 is the next generation of analytics which collects data from apps and websites. Benefits include improved customer journey tracking, enhanced visualisations and reporting, more intelligent tracking features and user privacy, more powerful audiences for ad campaigns and improved analyses of user engagement.

Ms Culshaw said: “July 1st next year may seem like a long way off, but it’s important that businesses act sooner rather than later to ensure they are ready to weather the change. The old Google Analytics will stop working after that date, and it’s best to set up the new Google Analytics 4 now otherwise you will end up with no historical data.

“Google has been working hard to let customers know about the looming deadline, but awareness among the business community is still low. We would encourage businesses to act as soon as possible.

“While it is true that businesses can make the necessary changes themselves, setting it all up is not at all easy, and it is worth getting expert help to ensure everything is done properly for a smooth transition, particularly if they need to track online sales or leads coming from their marketing campaigns.

“At Ascendancy, we are offering packages for all types of migration, from simple to complex, and are happy to talk through the options of what best suits individual businesses.” An instant quote can be generated using this link:

Ms Culshaw is also delivering a course, via Shropshire Chamber, to support businesses across the county with the transition. The half-day courses are open to members and non-members of the chamber and will take place in both Telford and Shrewsbury on dates in 2023 in January, March, May and June.

She added: “It is a practical hands-on course which will teach what you need to know to get the most out of Google Analytics 4. No prior experience of the subject is needed to attend.

“I will be covering what Google Analytics 4 is, what you can and should measure, tracking of marketing campaigns, navigation around analytics, tracking sales and enquiries and understanding how visitors use your site.”

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