The final conference for CAIR4YOUTH took place at School of Coding’s premises and all partners RobootikaShropshire Youth Support Trust (SYST), Cij Sud Coopérative JeunesElderberry AB, and School of Coding attended to participate in providing insight into the CAIR4YOUTH programme and the importance of e-learning for Youth Workers and Young People.

In today’s digital age, coding is an important skill for youth workers to learn as they can create educational or interactive activities that can support to engage and inspire youth on their future career path. Additionally, understanding coding can help youth workers to better understand and navigate the digital landscape and technology that plays an increasingly vital role in young people’s lives.

It is important for young people to understand coding because it is a valuable skill in today’s digital world. Understanding how to code can help young people to become more proficient in using technology and to develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Additionally, coding can be a steppingstone to careers in technology, which can be well-paying and in-demand.

Speaking on behalf of the charity, Youth Engagement Lead and CAIR4YOUTH Project Lead for SYST Jason Fullwood expresses his gratitude for the programme “This programme has been instrumental in opening new channels of education for our beneficiaries as young people with little to no experience in this sector would be able to learn the basics of Coding, A.I (Artificial Intelligence) and Robotics from the e-learning platform, which will enable them to gain basic experience and skills that would be of great benefit when putting together a CV, who is just starting out in the industry.”

Using the online learning platform called QUEST that was created by this project Jason continued “We trialled the QUEST system in a piloting launch which was a success. We had numerous beneficiaries and interest from young people who sat down in our office to test some of the modules and provide honest feedback such as “I had extremely limited bits of coding experience prior to this. I am glad to say I am walking away with more knowledge than I had” and “It gave great insight on coding which I did not have prior” with feedback like this it is a testament to the need and necessity for Coding, A.I and Robotics for both Youth Workers and Young people”

SYST Chief Executive expresses his gratitude “A massive thank you to all those that attended. We thoroughly enjoyed being part of this programme and look forward to what is next. We will be using the e-learning platform to help educate our volunteer youth workers and young beneficiaries as there is a need for learning within this sector in this now digital age. A massive thank you for allowing us to be part of something unique and special”

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