Did you know??

Millions of families are facing not knowing where their next meal is coming from, more than 3000 families in our local area.

With so many families struggling we make it a priority to get involved and help in any small way that we can. Last year the team at BlackCat Talent Co joined forces with the incredible charity Community Grocery Telford to create an incredible Christmas event with Santa making an appearance and presents for every little visitor. It was incredible to be part of and has inspired us to do even more this year!!

Fancy getting involved??

This Easter we have made a dedication to ensure every child in Telford gets an easter egg at the very least and this is only possible with incredible support and kind donations.

We will be creating a fun day with special bunny guests, an exciting crafts table, and all things chocolate to give families an opportunity to spend some quality time together.

How can you and your team help make this possible??

Can you grab an extra easter egg when you do your shopping, organise a team collection, add something to our just giving page? Your contribution is going to be so appreciated.

Our team can collect any donations and the money raised will go directly towards the staggering costs involved in running this essential lifeline to so many!  


If you want to know anymore information, please get in touch with Teri Bicker Talent Partner at BlackCat.