Telford business owner Colleen Mullarkey, Founder and Director of NOURISH Holistic Wellbeing Ltd, has recently moved her business premises to Wellington.


She said “The move to a more private, permanent clinic space, away from the high street and with free parking outside was always in the dream/business plan. The growth in the business has enabled me to make this part of the plan a reality and The Studios, Mansell Road, Wellington has provided me with that space.   Wellington already has a special place in my heart as I first started work in 1985 as a Saturday girl for Steve at ‘Top Fruits’ in Wellington Market so it’s lovely to return to my work home so to speak”.


All of Colleen’s clients are busy Company Directors and their wellbeing has taken a back seat due to the demands of the business.  However they now see that the success and sustainability of their Company long term is directly related to their own state of personal wellbeing which also impacts on the wellbeing of their employees. 


“The last few years have taken their toll on people’s individual health and wellbeing.   Navigating the pandemic, Brexit and personal health and life challenges has been tough for Company Directors and for their employees on a variety of fronts.   The constant pressure to adapt to ensure the continued growth and survival of their business is a complex and ever-increasing challenge” she said.


Colleen supports Company Directors 1:1 with their own bespoke wellbeing packages to help enhance their performance holistically, which includes their performance in their company.  She helps them make better decisions, feel less stressed, feel more confident, manage any health conditions they have, have more energy and sleep better at night.  She also works with their employees providing wellbeing in the workplace setting, organising wellbeing days and workshops and online programmes.  This helps the companies retain their current employees, recruit new employees, increase employee productivity, support company growth, and reduce employee absence, sickness and resignation.


“It was really special to be able to welcome my first Business coach Sally Themans, from Good 2 Great and Love Wellington, to my new premises this week to see the change and growth from where and when NOURISH Holistic Wellbeing Ltd first started” she added.




For more information please contact:

Colleen Mullarkey


Tel: 07860 231668

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