Shrewsbury’s multi award winning travel agency, Peakes Travel Elite, has been working round the clock to get stranded customers safely back to the UK following the disruption from Monday’s air traffic control failure.

Despite the air traffic control glitch being fixed, passengers are being warned that the disruption could continue for days.

Claire Moore, managing director at Peakes Travel Elite, said, “The air traffic control issue has happened at a really busy time for flights. Even though the glitch has been remedied, schedules remain significantly disrupted.

“Part of our premium end-to-end service is supporting our customers every step of the way – including when things like this happen. Holidays should be stress-free after all. We’ve been working hard to support our customers facing flight cancellations and delays. Fingers crossed the chaos calms down as soon as possible.

“Some general advice to anyone with flights booked this week, I would recommend you check the status of your flight before travelling to the airport. Unfortunately, as air traffic control disruption is counted as an ‘extraordinary circumstance’ out of the airline's control, the airline doesn't have to offer compensation. However, if your short-haul flight is delayed by two hours or more, airlines must offer assistance under UK law. And with delays for long haul flights, the delay must be more than three hours to qualify. If you pay for food or accommodation, keep your receipts in case a claim is possible down the line.”

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