Award-winning Digital Marketing Agency, InSynch, is proud to announce the launch of its accredited Digital Marketing training courses. Designed to allow marketing practitioners, business owners and individuals to validate and develop their skills, enhance their CVs and earn a recognised accreditation.

InSynch currently delivers monthly digital marketing webinars to support Shropshire’s business community. Through this regular interaction with SMEs, they recognised an increasing number of people undertaking online marketing activities as part of their job role, combined with a lack of accredited training that people can achieve quickly.

To help individuals gain the skills they need in this digital world, InSynch brought together over 35 years of expert Digital Marketing experience and industry-leading knowledge to create four 1-day courses, each with an assessment.

Within these courses, InSynch details the powerful Total Digital Marketing methodology they implement for their clients. Delegates of the accredited training will have the opportunity to learn a holistic, measured and strategic approach to digital marketing that can reward their business.

There is a dedicated course for each of the following areas:

- Digital Marketing Strategy
- Search Engine Marketing
- Email Marketing
- Social Media Marketing

Anyone wishing to complete all four training courses will achieve InSynch’s overarching Total Digital Marketing accreditation.

To find out more about InSynch and their newly launched accreditations, click the links below.

Accredited courses: