In the heart of Shropshire, a remarkable tale of talent and transformation is taking place. Lewis Jenkins, a young beneficiary of Shropshire Youth Support Trust (SYST) has recently created a new brand identity with his mentor, for a local alliance that is ‘Unlocking Potential in Telford & Wrekin’

The alliance stands as a beacon of positive change in the local community, embracing individuals of all ages and nurturing impactful transformations. With ears attuned to the voices of the community, the alliance listens intently to the aspirations and concerns of local people, channeling their energy towards initiatives that truly matter to the people of Telford and Wrekin.

Lewis Jenkins' journey began a couple of years ago when he found himself unemployed, searching for direction in a sea of uncertainty. Possessing an innate interest in graphic design, photography, and video production, he stumbled upon the guiding light of the Shropshire Youth Support Trust (SYST). This charity specialises in offering guidance and mentorship to young individuals in need of a helping hand as they navigate the early stages of their careers.

SYST's unwavering support manifested in the form of local marketing consultant Jon Gidney, who stepped up to mentor Lewis during a 6-week period. Through weekly sessions, Jon imparted invaluable skills and knowledge, honing Lewis' abilities in graphic design, photography, and video production.

Building on the solid foundation forged during his mentorship, Lewis then found himself facing his first professional project – an opportunity to shape the visual identity of 'Unlocking Potential in Telford & Wrekin.' Collaborating alongside his mentor Jon, Lewis took on this assignment with Jon with determination and flair.

The challenge was to encapsulate the alliance's essence within a brand identity and logo – a design that would be simultaneously eye-catching and bold, yet accessible and inviting to the local community whose perspectives are held in high regard. Lewis and Jon's collaborative efforts produced an identity that resonates with dynamism, legibility, and community spirit.

Ann Johnson, who is from the alliance, works for the Lloyds Bank Foundation as the Local Implementation Lead for Telford and Wrekin. Ann comments; “Unlocking potential at its heart means creating the right environment for people to become the people they want to become, so for us as an Alliance it seemed only right when it came to designing the logo for our new Unlocking Potential Alliance to have it created by someone local on the cusp of their own career. We love the dynamic image, its really powerful and we have had so many positive comments on it already”

Pictured Jon Gidney, Ann Johnson and Lewis Jenkins at SYST in Telford.