Graffiti and fly-posting is considered an ‘environmental crime’ that can spoil the enjoyment of the local environment by its residents and visitors. They lead to areas looking run-down and dilapidated, and research has shown they are often a precursor to more serious crime and anti-social behaviours. Graffiti, if not dealt with, promotes a negative perception of an area, having a detrimental effect on social and economic activity as well as the sense of community.  The British Crime Survey indicated that the presence of graffiti was one of the key drivers of people’s perception of their safety within an area.

There are many strategies that local authorities can deploy to deter fly posters and graffiti artists from continuing to deface public and private property. However, keeping a town free from unwanted street art is costly when it comes to the clean-up, which diverts funds from other essential services.

Unfortunately, the only way to deal with unwanted fly-posters and graffiti is by physical removal, which is labour and water intensive.  The length of time and level of resources that are required to remove unsightly paint and posters can be reduced using the repellent coating – Barrier.

Barrier is unique, because it’s fluorine-free and yet still offers users a far superior repellent performance that:

  • prevents the unsightly ‘ghosting’ effect which is often left behind after the graffiti has gone
  • allows graffiti to be removed with just water – there is no need to use strong solvents
  • is non-sacrificial and is not abraded or removed during the cleaning process, avoiding the need for regular re-applications

While there are many preventive anti-graffiti coatings and paints, Barrier also offers the same level of superior repellence against fly-posting, again aiding quick and easy removal that saves time as well as the need for solvents.  

Barrier is a clear, hydrophobic nano-coating, its fluorine-free formulation repels pastes, posters and paints, preventing them from bonding with the surface.  The non-stick properties of Barrier can be applied to all absorbent mineral surfaces, coated metal and wood, providing versatility in protecting the environment from unwanted artwork.

The coating gives the treated surface outstanding non-stick characteristics that allows permanent markers and aerosol-based colours to be easily cleaned off with water. Nor can fly-poster adhesives adhere, even after a topcoat of paste has been applied over the poster – the poster’s edges will curl up and it won’t be able to adhere.

Based on organic-silicon compositions, the formulation demonstrates outstanding durability against all weathering including sunlight, rain and extreme temperature fluctuations. This one-component, single application product is easily applied as the final part of the ‘clean-up process’ to prevent future fly-posting and graffiti, and will normally enhance the substrates’ original colour with a slight embellishment or gloss depending on the number of layers applied – but it will not obscure the original substrate as do equivalent preventative paint products.

While one coat of Barrier anti-graffiti and fly-poster coating won’t deter the graffiti artist and fly-poster from returning and attempting to ‘redecorate’ an area initially, it is now possible to prevent their efforts from sticking – making their work very short-lived and the cleaning team’s job a complete breeze.