The Refresh

We are super pleased to reveal our brand refresh that we have been working on recently

Having outgrown our previous image, we thouht it was time for an update. Whilst still keeping our original name and tagline, we have modernised our visual identity across web, social and communication platforms. With new fonts, colour palette and icons, we feel that our new branding is much more up to date with the changing market conditions while maintaining our core identity and strategy. 

Why you should be considering a brand refresh

When businesses grow and develop, sometimes the branding can trail behind. Your branding is the first your 'image' and your brand should reflect this.

A strong logo is the first step in developing a strong brand , thus generating a positive and personal perception of your business. It’s an instant visual signifier that can spread brand awareness and interaction. A logo can be both complex and simple – differing between purposes of use and placements. We help clients build logos that represent them and turn those into cohesive brands that help tell a story; building logos around typographical elements, icons and shapes that result in visually pleasing idents. From conceptual moodboards to final brand guidelines, we work with our clients each step of the way to bring their business to life.

Get in touch today for a chat about how we can help you with your brand refresh, or simply a new logo for a startup business - whatever it is you're after, we cater to all project demands!