The Shropshire Distillery, an award-winning, family-run craft distillery, is excited to announce its relocation to the bustling centre of Ellesmere and are hosting a Distillery Open Day to celebrate the move on Thursday 9th November from 4-8pm.

The decision to move the distillery to a more central location reflects the company's commitment to expanding its offerings and enhancing the customer experience. By positioning themselves at the heart of Ellesmere, the distillery aims to contribute positively to the town's growth as a thriving tourist destination.

Emma Glynn, Founder and Alchemist of The Shropshire Distillery, shared, "The experience side of the business has been very successful and taken off far more than we expected. We want to be able to expand our offering with easier access to our customers and put the distillery in a better position. We want to create a better customer journey and experience, along with helping to put Ellesmere on the Shropshire and UK tourism map. Ellesmere is our hometown, and we want to help grow the town and have a positive impact."

The move promises an exciting new chapter for The Shropshire Distillery. The larger space will enable the distillery to offer an even more comprehensive range of experiences and events, making it an attractive destination for both locals and visitors.

Emma Glynn adds, "We are most excited about opening the distillery for our expanded services, events, and being better located for our customers to pop in and see us!"

The distillery's new location may not be significantly larger, but it boasts a completely different layout while maintaining the same rustic wooden and industrial vibes. Visitors can still expect the same warm welcome and unique atmosphere that The Shropshire Distillery is known for.

The Shropshire Distillery has always prided itself on offering a diverse range of visitor experiences. Alongside their renowned 5-star rated Gin School and Distillery Tours, the distillery plans to introduce a variety of exciting offerings. These include chef-led events featuring local talent, wreath making and Gin evenings for Christmas, Afternoon G & Tea, Taproom, retail shop, refill service, and much more.

In recognition of their commitment to excellence and exceptional customer service, The Shropshire Distillery recently received a prestigious 'Traveller’s Choice' award from TripAdvisor. This accolade is a testament to the consistent 5-star ratings and positive feedback received from their loyal customers.

Emma Glynn, speaking on the award, expressed, "We received an email out of the blue from TripAdvisor advising we had been awarded a 'Traveller’s Choice' award - received due to the consistent 5-star rating we have been receiving. The feedback we get is always so positive and lovely from our customers, and to be recognized by TripAdvisor is just amazing and something we are very proud of."

Operating in the heart of Shropshire allows The Shropshire Distillery to engage with the local community, support fellow businesses, and maintain a healthy work-life balance. The founders, Emma and Gareth find immense joy in their work, considering it more of a passion than a job. They cherish the opportunity to meet people, contribute to the local community, and collaborate with like-minded businesses and individuals.

As The Shropshire Distillery moves to its new location in Ellesmere, it looks forward to welcoming visitors to experience its expanded range of offerings and continuing to play a vital role in the growth and development of the town. The doors are opening for a special Open Day from 4-8pm on Thursday 9th November. You will be able to take a tour, explore the botanicals, sample their award-winning spirits, and celebrate their move.

Distillery Open Day:

Date: Thursday 9th November
Time: 4pm till 9pm
Location: Unit 18 & 19, Ellesmere Business Park, Ellesmere, Shropshire SY12 0EW