Chamber Member Full Fibre Ltd, who operate out of Telford, are hosting a drop-in session at the Two Henry’s pub in Shrewsbury on Wednesday the 25th of October.

The session is free to all but is primarily aimed at businesses on Battlefield and the Shrewsbury Business Park who can attend in order to talk to industry experts about the upgrade to fibre that is now complete.

“The fact that businesses in Shrewsbury both national and independent, big, and small now have access to unlimited connectivity at very reasonable prices means they can become more competitive and resilient. Connectivity should no longer be the barrier to success that it can be for many companies.” Said Matt Smith Full Fibre’s Head of Engagement.

Full Fibre are a wholesale only network operator, which means any ISP can use the network to provide services and no one is locked into a particular supplier. There are a large range of ISPs using the network to provide services.  Many of these have a business focus and some are even local to Shrewsbury. 

“Full Fibre’s focus is on building high-quality, high-speed networks and ensuring customers have maximum choice when it comes to selecting their preferred supplier.”

The event will run between 12 and 2pm on Wednesday October 25th and lunch will be available.

For more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.