The new Getting Started with Microsoft Project software course is a one-to-one remote training course with a duration of 3 hours in total. Training sessions are arranged on the days and times to suit the business and can be completed in 2 or 3 sessions as required. The course content is as follows:

Getting started

  • Fundamentals of project management.
  • Examining the structure of a project file and looking at the various views available.
  • Outline structure of project ribbon tabs.

Creating a project plan file

  • Setting project information and file properties.
  • Decide the type of task scheduling required.
  • Add tasks and task durations to the task sheet.
  • Add a project summary task.
  • Save the project file.

Creating a work breakdown structure

  • Create main tasks and sub tasks.
  • Set milestones at selected points.
  • Link all tasks within the project.
  • Examine the timescale of the project.
  • Change task relationships.
  • Set constraints on tasks.
  • Set a deadline date on a task.
  • Add note indicators to tasks.
  • Review the updated timescale on the project.

Creating a company calendar

  • Examine standard project calendars.
  • Create a new company calendar.
  • Change working times option.
  • Set non-working dates and times.
  • Assign the company calendar to the project.
  • Review the effect on the project timescale.

Creating and assigning resources

  • Create resources on the resource sheet.
  • Set resource types, costs and properties.
  • Assign the company calendar to resources.
  • Assign resources to tasks on the task sheet.
  • View and make adjustments to a resource calendar.
  • Add resource notes to the task sheet.
  • Examine effort driven or fixed duration options.
  • Display non-working time on the task sheet.
  • Examine and adjust over allocation of resources.

Finalise the project plan

  • View the critical path.
  • Set a baseline plan.
  • Display project summary information.
  • Examine project reports.

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Full course outline available on our website