As an award winning Clinical Hypnotherapist and Life Coach, my dream is to redefine what therapy and coaching feels like.

Would you like to help me do that?


What is the scheme and how can you benefit from helping me?

We all know that feeling happy, free and at peace are the ultimate goals in life, but we also know that life gets in the way.

In 2018 I was in a very dark place. To escaped that fear, shame, guilt and judgement I had to put faith over fear, but that can be tough because you need someone you can trust.

Transforming your life is simply an exchange of energy.

For your energy in helping me I am introducing a financial reward when you join my referral affiliate scheme.


How does it work?

Go to

Fill in the form and I will send you a unique affiliate code.

When you refer someone to me all they need to do is use your affiliate code when they book in for a Free Consultation at

When they book in and pay for their transformation you get paid between 5 – 10% of their package


How much could I receive?

1 – 5 referrals 5%, 5 – 10 referrals 8%, 10 plus 10%

Based on my present packages that could range from £20 to £1500

Typically referrals would sit between £30 - £60

Drop me a Whats App if you would like to find out more

07967 049161