Exclusive to Shropshire Chamber members!


Do you have workers who wear tight fitting respirators (those that rely on a seal with the face) such as Disposable or Half Mask? If so, you are required to fit test them


Health and Safety Executive requires qualitative or quantitative fit testing before a user wears a tight fitting facepiece.


At Ryder Partnership, we offer qualitative fit testing. This is a pass or fail method which relies on senses – such as taste – to detect air leakage from a respirator.


Quantitative fit testing is often used in industries where respiratory protection is necessary, such as healthcare, construction, manufacturing, and hazardous materials handling.


(It’s important to note that fit testing should be conducted periodically or whenever there are significant changes to the individual’s facial structure, respirator model, or size.)


We also offer training and guidance for mask users, which includes toolbox talksrespirator checklists and various leaflets and aid memoirs, on request.


This service is usually charged at £45 per test, but we are offering 10% off to all chamber members! (Please ensure you inform us in advance to redeem discount.)


Please contact Jae on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to take advantage of this offer.