One of the biggest benefits of being a chamber member is the opportunity to develop business and contacts through networking. Our membership covers a growing number of companies across many different industries but the importance of networking remains a constant when it comes to feedback.

PCB Solicitors LLP joined the chamber on October 24th, 1996 and is one of a number of businesses marking 25 years or more as chamber members in 2022. The firm has offices in Shrewsbury, Telford, Ludlow, Church Stretton and Knighton and is dedicated to the communities and surrounding areas it serves.

Valuable insight

We asked Danny Smith, Partner and Head of Criminal Department at PCB, to share his thoughts on the advantages of being a member of Shropshire Chamber of Commerce. Here is what he had to say:

“Being a member of the Chamber of Commerce has given us wide access to Shropshire enterprise networks and a solid foundation to champion our own business to others within the region and beyond.

“I think that having this access to businesses of all types within a trusted circle has been one of the biggest benefits to us in being a chamber member. It has helped us grow over the years by introducing new avenues of work and helping us to broaden our business horizon.

“If asked about giving advice to someone starting or developing a business, I would have to say keep it simple, focus on what you are good at and take advantage of the chamber’s variety of free courses.

“Networking opportunities are the main areas of support we get from the chamber and I would say the biggest advantage of being a member is the feeling it gives us of being part of a strong business community.”

How to get in touch

To contact PCB Solicitors LLP, call Church Stretton (01694) 723818, Knighton (01547) 528332, Ludlow (01584) 878456, Shrewsbury (01743) 248148, Telford (01952) 403000, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.