Our All Inclusive membership offering has become extremely popular and we understand why - unlimited training, networking and events, along with the full range of Chamber solutions all included for one fee.

Did you know the All Inclusive annual fee is the same as buying one hot drink from a cafe each day? Less than £2.50 per day!

If our membership team hasn’t been in contact yet then they will be very soon but in the meantime feel free to contact us - you could be paying much more than the All Inclusive annual fee for events, expos and training when you could actually get them all included in one fee.

And don’t forget the legal and HR and other business support which is also included.

We can tell you all day long why it is such a great deal but we thought it would be better to hear it from someone who made the leap from Standard to All Inclusive.

We chatted to Darren Astley-Williams, Group Local Business Specialist at JT Hughes, why he thought the All Inclusive membership was important to the company:

“One of the reasons we came back to the Chamber after a break was to increase our presence within the local business community. We supply a lot of vehicles and support for local businesses around Powys, Mid Wales, Shropshire and Telford and it is important to us to expand our connections within the area. We previously employed someone in a similar role however we wanted to have someone dedicated full time to this local business role so we can better serve the local businesses in our area. As we are all now faced with the challenge to go green by 2030, we are here to help offer advice and guidance for companies on what they can do to meet this target. 

A new role

“I became the Group local business specialist for JT Hughes and getting back in the Chamber was something we thought was extremely important for us as a business - giving us the opportunity to promote our offerings and services within the Chamber.

“When we rejoined, we signed up as a standard member but soon recognised after I attended a couple of meetings that there were limitations for us within that with what we wanted to achieve, in terms of the number of meetings I would be able to attend. It is essential for us to attend as many meetings as possible to keep up, raise our profile and to offer that advice and support.

“It’s important for us to let people know we are here and what we offer within the local business community - whether that is to a one-man band or a company with 100 vehicles in their fleet. We see networking is an important part of extending our reach and if we are asking businesses to support us through their vehicles and decision-making, it is only right that we support them and what they are trying to do as well.

Easy decision

Becoming an all inclusive member was a simple decision for us and will be more cost-effective than paying the standard membership and then paying for add-ons with things like an expo stand and a few training sessions and events.

“It means we can access all of the benefits of the Chamber membership all year round without having to think about paying for individual events. The training is another important plus for us, which we will be taking advantage of.

“For example, the other day I went on a Linkedin For Business course and I thought it was run and delivered excellently. It has already been a benefit because I am still quite new within my role.

“It’s all something of a new experience for me so it’s nice to have some kind of direction and know if we are treading the right path or whether we need to be pointed another way.”

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us Darren and we look forward to seeing you at the next event, training session or just in either of the Chamber offices for a coffee.