Many people may be unaware of the comprehensive range of services we offer to our members - including FREE advice and support in navigating the often complex issues of international trade.

It is essential that businesses keep up to date with the very latest rules and regulations in order to remain successful and our team of experts are always ready to help with guidance in areas such as imports and exports, documentation, training and international trade fairs.

Impressive history

One of the companies we continue to have a close working relationship with is Control Techniques, based just over the Welsh border in Newtown, Powys - a global leader in the manufacture and export of drives and motors.

The company was established almost 50 years ago and has expanded its network into 24 countries, whilst staying true to its roots and maintaining its headquarters in Newtown.

Control Techniques became a member of Shropshire Chamber of Commerce on January 30th, 1997, joined the Nidec Corporation in 2017 and is committed to providing high quality service and products with an ongoing goal of creating next generation drive technology.

A great partnership

Amanda Pullen, Control Techniques European Operations Trade Compliance Manager, said:

“For the last 25 years Control Techniques has been in a collaborative partnership with Shropshire Chamber of Commerce and since then we have evolved our technology and secured a place as one of the leading companies in the drives industry.

“We joined the Chamber initially to take advantage of their expertise in foreign trade and to get specific assistance with the completion of electronic trade documents required for export.

“Control Techniques has continued to use the Chamber to process documentation, such as our Free Trade Agreement with the Middle East. The Chamber produces certificates of origin for us that have been legalised and authenticated, whilst also providing trade-related training as well as support and advice. The support, advice, training, and documentation processing are integral and crucial to Control Techniques.

Getting on with business

“Shropshire Chamber of Commerce provides us with a service that we would otherwise not have the resources or means to complete, enabling us to facilitate trade in many more complex countries.

“Over the last 25 years we have cultivated an excellent relationship and the Chamber knows and understands our business and products, offering support and great service.

“Supporting us in trading with countries with complicated import rules, means that our business is able to grow and expand into territories that at one time were too complex for us. We are now able to undertake trading in countries such as Turkey, Bosnia, and Syria.

Making new friends

“Our employees have attended training courses delivered by the Chamber over the years and the training has always been of a very high standard. Training events also afford us the opportunity to meet people from other businesses.

The service the Chamber provides is essential for our company and we rely heavily on the support of their export team, not only to process trade documents but the team in Telford have always offered a solution when we have had other issues, such as with HMRC.

“Our advice to anyone starting or developing a business in Shropshire or surrounding area would be to make use of networking opportunities and build contacts - something which is made possible by Shropshire Chamber of Commerce.”

Contact details

For more about Control Techniques, call 01686 612300, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit the website at