We're giving businesses the chance to take part in a free virtual seminar designed to help them stay safer online, as part of National Cyber Security Awareness month.

It will take place online on October 24, from 11am to 11.30am, and the guest speaker will be Ian Groves, managing director of Shropshire’s only National Cyber Security Centre-assured service provider – Start Tech.

He will help to explain why businesses need to take cyber security seriously, and cover topics including cyber essentials, cyber insurance and best practices that are easy to implement and that all organisations should follow.

Kelly Riedel, events and training manager for Shropshire Chamber of Commerce, said: “Cyber criminals are becoming increasingly devious and inventive, and there has been a real rise in the number of cyber crime incidents all over the world.

“This means if your company is targeted, there could be serious consequences and you could lose crucial business and face financial difficulties.

“So this virtual seminar is an excellent opportunity for businesses to learn more about the risks and more importantly, the steps to take to avoid them.”

Kelly said although the event was free to attend, businesses would need to register their interest in advance.