We are getting really excited about the relaunch of our 18-35 Group - a regular forum for young people within that age group working for businesses in and around Shropshire to meet up, network, make important contacts and develop their skills and most importantly have fun!

Maybe you are job hunting or looking for a career change and want to meet and learn from others - if you are 18-35 then come along too!

The Chamber is passionate about supporting the future workforce within our amazing business community and views the 18-35 Group as an important part of helping to shape the future of our county’s business landscape. It also provides a great opportunity to socialise with like-minded people.

We will be relaunching the 18-35 Group at University Centre Shrewsbury on Monday, February 6th between 5pm and 7pm.

Why is the 18-35 Group important?

Amelia Redge, Head of Marketing at Reech, and Richard Harman, Partner and Head of Engineering at Berrys, were avid members of the 18-35 Group prior to Covid and both welcome its return. We asked them to explain why.

Amelia said: “I think the relaunch of the group is a really good thing. With the Chamber having an ageing demographic, I feel it is important to re-engage young members and get new blood on board.

“There are not that many opportunities in Shropshire for this age group - they are more aimed at those people who have already built up long-term relationships and know the community. The 18-35 Group is a nice relaxed non-intimidating way of getting young people involved and starting to introduce them to some of the things the Chamber does.

A great opportunity

“If a company is going to send a representative to a Chamber event it does tend to be someone more senior and maybe a little older, whereas the 18-35 Group is an opportunity for younger people to get involved, have their say and share ideas.

“It is a place where they can swap skills and contacts and learn from each other - a great way of investing in the future workforce Shopshire needs and is something which will benefit everyone.

“Credit to the Chamber for relaunching the group, it deserves to be successful and I will be happy to attend, give a talk and support it in any way I can. I would also encourage businesses to get their staff members within this age demographic involved.”

A positive step

Richard said: “The relaunch of the 18-35 Group gives our younger staff the chance to get together with other professionals, network together and build those networks as early as possible.

“Sharing their knowledge and contacts in this way will ultimately lead to them bringing in more business. We have quite a few employees within the age group and we are rallying around encouraging them to join - as we did last time, we managed to get quite a few signed up when the group was running.previously.

Building professional contacts

“It is really beneficial for those involved in getting them out, building those professional contacts. It also helps to build confidence in those kinds of environments and offers some social interaction, which is good as the group should also be something that’s fun and shouldn’t be a chore.

“We operate in lots of local markets so building those relationships, being visible and having people know what we do means that ultimately when work comes in or the younger members of our team need help with something they can pick up the phone or drop an email to contacts they have made.

“We spend a lot of time, effort and money training our younger staff to bring them on and get them qualified because ultimately they will be our next managers. The experience they gain through the 18-35 Group can only help that process.”

If you missed the launch then register for the next one by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.