Tom Farquharson, an emerging engineering talent with leading systems Integrator, iconsys, answered some quick-fire questions about a career in engineering:


When did you decide to become an engineer?

Engineering is a subject that I have had a keen interest in. I think a lot of it had to do with my Grandad who was an Engineer. I have always found it fascinating how things work, electrics and the processes that have been gone through to develop modern technology. A huge influence is my father-in-law, he’s an electrical engineer who has been there to provide continued advice and support throughout.


How have you found your journey in engineering so far?

Great! I’ve enjoyed everything throughout the whole process so far. I enjoy my working environment and working alongside some great people. I couldn’t fault the delivery of my apprenticeship, from both my employer and my college.


What has been your biggest success in your career?

I would say that so far, my biggest success is gaining my employment at iconsys. Since starting at iconsys my knowledge and skill set has improved greatly.


What has been your biggest challenge in your career?

The biggest challenge I have faced is taking on my Level 3 and NVQ in one year. Starting in September and getting to grips with organising my study time, I believe this is an excellent opportunity that was offered to me with the support of iconsys and college and I am on course to complete my apprenticeship a year early.


Are there any exciting projects you are currently working on?

I recently moved across to testing, which I am enjoying. I find it interesting seeing the projects from a different point of view and analysing the builds in detail. I am also hoping to experience my first site visit soon, which will be invaluable experience for me and aid in the progression of my career.


What advice would you give to young people looking at careers in engineering and technology?

My advice to anybody looking to pursue a career in engineering is to “go for it”. It is such a vast industry, that a career in engineering could literally take you anywhere.


What does the future look like and what are your goals?

Upon completion of my apprenticeship, I will look to advance my training and hope to embark on Higher Education.


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