MotionTech has announced the strategic acquisitions of LAC Conveyors & Automation and Telford's Holloway Control Systems Ltd.

Holloway Control Systems is known for its expertise in developing advanced control and software systems, further diversifying MotionTech's offering and strengthening the Group’s software offering.

Holloway Control Systems Ltd, established in 2008, has become a leader in industrial automation, with extensive experience in PLC programming, SCADA systems, Robot Systems Integration, Electrical Installation, Electrical Design, Commissioning Services and Bespoke Automation Machine Building.

Recently, bringing to the market their high level software solution Helix.

Deployable in a variety of different ways with a complete suite of API’s for system interfacing, and the ability for the development of bespoke routines to suit specific customer applications making Helix the most efficient middleware for any warehousing system.

HELIX Control Centre module offers an optional machine learning environment where data collected from sensors measuring: temperature, vibration, humidity and current, are used to predict life span and future failures of equipment.

With a diverse customer base spanning a wide variety of industries including; food production, Warehouse management, packaging and spooling, printing and mailing, plastics, aluminium melting/extrusion and Automotive it brings a strong element to the group.

Louise Ringström Grandinson, CEO of MotionTech, said: "The addition of LAC and Holloway to our Group is not just an expansion of our capabilities, but a significant step towards realising our group vision to be a full service partner for customers in the automation market." in MotionTech's ongoing strategy to build an automation powerhouse.