Wow! 2023 has been the most satisying year for Shropshire Expert Cleaners. They are Shropshire's number one combined specialist cleaning and clearance company taking care of basic to biohazard services.

Throughout 2023 they have been able to donate well over £10,000 in items to families, charities and people in need.

Some notable include from their clearances:

- Mother of three who was hand washing her children's clothes daily in the bath because she couldn't afford a washing machine - they donated a free washing machine, dryer and fridge freezer!!

- Mother and family new into the country could not afford any furniture and just had a mattress on the floor - they donated two beds, two mattresses, plates, glasses, cutlery, tables, chairs, lamps, several items of decoration and even bought her a second hand washing machine and delivered it all!

- Man moved into a property and unable to afford the basics - they donated furniture, bed side tables, wall units, rugs, armchairs, pots and pans, plates, cutlery.

- Married couple needed a king sized bed - they donated a £1500 luxury bed and mattress.

- Victim of domestic violence moved into a private area and needed items, they kept the address confidential and authorised to deliver an assortment of items from televisions to chairs and ornaments - even stored in their unit for a period of time to ensure confidentiality - free of charge.

- Schools in Telford issued SOS for families who literally have no food. They supplied over 100 items of food to them in date, sealed and safe to eat from our clearances.

And more.....

What's for 2024? 

As you might be aware there has been a baby formula shortage. As well as it being very expensive, parents who need it desperately are only able to get rationed amounts from food banks who are regularly running out.

Shropshire Expert Cleaners hope in 2024 to help donate from clearances and their contacts in Police auctions and repossessions and donate to them directly to help local families who are genuinely struggling with this problem.

Do you have anything they can store that can go to a family in need? Get in touch so they can help give back to the people who need it most.