Seminar invite: Financial Fitness: Steps to a brighter future for your business

When: 05 October 2021
Time: 08.00am - 10.00am
Where: Dudley Canal & Tunnel Trust

Hosted by Jerroms Corporate Finance

As part of the Black Country Business Festival, Jerroms Corporate Finance will be hosting a free breakfast seminar on Financial Fitness: Steps to a brighter future for your business.

Business owners have been required to operate in unexplored territory during Covid-19 and with the ending of furlough and withdrawal of other government support schemes it’s time for businesses to seriously reflect and think about confirming the state of your business finances and confirm that your existing funding structure is fit enough for the future.

Over the coming months businesses will be looking to prepare themselves in order to facilitate growth or be positioned to handle the likely bumps in the road ahead. Now is the time to re-evaluate, re-enforce or change financial strategies as we look to a future beyond Covid-19. Your funding structure can either trip you up or enhance your growth – we can help you work out which is which.

What will I learn?
It is important to review the financial status of your business, to determine if you require additional finance or restructuring of your existing finance, to make sure you’re on the right track to help with future decisions. This session will help you:

• make better informed decisions about your business finances
• offer a reality check on what’s good for a business (depending on the circumstances of the business) and what’s not good for the long-term viability of a business
• help you to identify where risks are and where potentially you could be financially exposed within the business
• offer guidance on what opportunities you could take advantage of to grow the business and get it back on track.

Our aim during this session is to help you identify what steps you should take to make better decisions about your business finances, create a contingency plan and think ahead.

A complimentary breakfast will be provided.

How to register
To reserve your place please visit

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