Kirsty Smallman

J&PR Ltd


Public Relations, Social Media, Communications

Co-director of J&PR Ltd, Kirsty Smallman boasts a 10 year career in journalism covering some of the UK’s most high profile cases and now leads the commercial growth of J&PR.

Kirsty focuses on directing strategic PR and social media campaigns for larger clients and also works in-house with marketing teams on both internal and external communications.

J&PR has hosted courses across the county for 8 years giving the top tips of the PR and social media world to small business owners and marketing teams in order for them to continue the job in-house.


Martin James / Greenhous

“It has given my skill base an additional aspect. I will be discussing the need to have a ‘blog’ button on our new website. 

I need to discriminate between press release news and more personalised stories which blogging will allow me to do. Great morning. Thank you.”

Laura Partridge / Hencote

“Learning more about press releases was very helpful along with tips for social media marketing and engagement. Using the plans will be great for time management and vary content.”

Kate Southan / Westbury Environmental

“Kirsty was really engaging and it’s obvious how enthusiastic she is, so it was easy to learn and pick up some tips.”

Melissa Hardy / Security Services

“I feel I now have a plan when I get back, rather than having a head in the hands moment! This has got to be a good thing – feel so much more confident. Thank you, Kirsty.”

Emma Cross / Hatchers

“Extremely helpful course. Covered all the main areas of digital PR from a beginner’s point of view. Lots to work on but looking forward to using everything I’ve learnt today.”