Are you looking for a quiet place to host a client meeting, a staff one-to-one, take a break from the home working environment or the hustle and bustle of the open plan office? Well, we have the answer - our Members’ Lounge at our Shrewsbury offices on Battlefield Enterprise Park.

We all know how important it is to have somewhere you can go to meet people away from the office, gather your thoughts, regroup, refocus or just have the opportunity to work quietly and most importantly take a break with a coffee between back to back meetings. A break is as good as a rest they say and we have the ideal option for both!

Some things in life are FREE

Our Members’ Lounge at our Battlefield Enterprise Park office suite has been set up with all these things in mind and it’s somewhere our members can go FREE of charge - all you have to do is get in touch with our membership team to check availability and then book the time you want.

“It is a useful and convenient space which our members can take advantage of - it’s there just waiting to be booked!

“Members can use it on an adhoc basis to meet clients, as a base between meetings, to hold meetings or just catch up on emails.

Oasis of calm

“It is also a great spot if you want to work somewhere quiet and undisturbed and you will have access to the kitchen with hot drinks and milk available for members to help themselves to,” Ruth Ross, Shropshire Chamber CEO said.

Two of our members and local businesswomen who take advantage of our Members’ Lounge are Shirley Lane of Balancing Butterflies and Sarah Tennant of STAR Your World.

Shirley is a menopause coach who works with menopausal and postmenopausal women, helping them to make the transition in their lives more positive. Sarah’s company works in the international events sector - connecting agency and corporate event planners with the right hotels and venues to meet their requirements.

Shirley said: “I have been using the Members’ Lounge quite a lot recently because I work from home and we have the builders in - so it’s been ideal for me to go to and take advantage of a quiet space.

Highly recommended

“The room has been empty apart from myself on the majority of my visits so I’ve been able to take my laptop, sit there quietly and get some work done, which has been great!

“I would highly recommend it. It’s a lovely facility, the whole team has been really accommodating and it’s nice to be able to make your tea and coffee and have your lunch. I think it is a really good resource to have.”

Sarah said: “I use the Members' Lounge because I like to break free from the cabin fever of working from home! It’s just nice to get away from the usual home office environment where you don’t see anybody.

“It’s a convenient, welcoming space and it’s just nice to have another option of a different place to go and work if you want to. The Chamber team is always really helpful - absolutely amazing, and I am happy to recommend the Members’ Lounge, it has a range of uses which members can benefit from.”

Neighbouring businesses on the park, such as Chamber member ke-design which designed the office suite, often book the lounge for time away from their own office for private meetings or just to complete tasks without being disturbed by phone calls and emails - very handy being just a few steps away!

For more information about the Members' Lounge or to book it, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.