New local project provides ‘conscious fashion’ option for nominees, presenters and guests at this year’s Shropshire Chamber Business Awards.  

With Love From… a shared wardrobe project launching in Oswestry, Shropshire, has over 250 beautiful, items of party clothing, footwear and accessories - ready and waiting to be celebrated at the awards ceremony in Shropshire on Friday 23rd June.   

The project which aims to create a shared wardrobe of occasion wear, for a community of conscientious shoppers is encouraging people to donate party clothing, footwear and accessories currently sitting in their own wardrobe. Each item donated, earns points for the donator. These points can be exchanged for any of the fabulous items available at With Love From… pop-up shops. Shoppers can also spend money, or a combination of points and money.

To add to this ‘shared wardrobe concept’, With Love From… is also offering a sewing service to repair, alter, customise or completely reimagine items of clothing for customers.

The next With Love From… pop-up shop will be held on Saturday 27th May from 10am until 4pm, at Hadleigh Works (upstairs at the Memorial Hall, Oswestry). At this unique shopping event, visitors will be able to donate items, collect points, browse the shared wardrobe of 250+ items, make purchases with points or money and speak to the ‘re-imagine’ team about repairs, alterations and customisations to clothing.

Lizzie Dibble, founder at With Love From… said; “We are very excited to be supporting attendees at Shropshire Chamber Business Awards this year with some beautiful, circular fashion options. It is estimated that on average, British women hoard around £285 worth of unused clothing within their wardrobes. This is the equivalent of more than £34 million worth of useless purchases in Shropshire alone.

“Many of us are sharing our wardrobes informally with friends and family already but at With Love From, we are attempting to extend this idea across the county and maybe even beyond!

“If you are planning to attend next month’s business awards, please come along to our pop-up shop on Saturday 27th May, or visit our website to book a private 20 minute consultation – these are usually £5 but for members of the Chamber they will be free throughout May and June.

“We have been collecting donations for just over three months and we have already received more than 250 beautiful items from just 30 people, which shows how many ‘spare’ items of clothing so many of us have available to share.

“By slowing down the fashion cycle and sharing our wardrobes, we are not only reducing waste and protecting the earth’s resources, but we are also encouraging fashion brands to slow down, be more considerate, pay better, make better and be better.”


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