Homeowners will enjoy a sweet treat after securing their dream home thanks to a partnership between two Shropshire businesses.

New mortgage advisory firm, Dwello Mortgages, has teamed up with Planet Doughnut in order to design their own bespoke doughnuts to deliver to clients once they have received their much wanted “yes” to their mortgage application.

Nathan Blissett, founder and principal mortgage adviser at Dwello based at St James House in Telford, said it was important to recognise the success of securing the right mortgage for the client and also the client’s happiness of being able to buy the property they really wanted.

Mr Blissett said they knew the team at Planet Doughnut, based in Shrewsbury, obviously “created fantastic doughnuts” and were also proud fellow county-based business owners.

“When people walk through that door they will be able to treat themselves to a doughnut or treat any children they may have when they come home to their new home for the first time.

“We will also be sending them to clients who have remortgaged because that is just as important as it may mean they are able to carry out home repairs which they have always wanted to do,” Mr Blissett said.

“Working with Duncan and the team at Planet Doughnut really has been a fantastic experience - from personalised doughnut toppers to bespoke designed boxes. We hope our orders help support another local business - even if it is in only a very small way. Their journey is inspirational and Dwello hopes to follow a similar path of serving customers all over the UK.”

Duncan McGregor, owner of Planet Doughnut, wished the team at Dwello well in their new venture and thanked them for their support.

“We do thousands of corporate doughnuts every week - each with their own personalised design, colours and even flavours.

“They are a great way for businesses to be able to thank clients or reward staff for all of their hard work.

“It has been great to welcome Dwello as a new client and we look forward to seeing lots of happy homeowners enjoying their doughnuts as they celebrate securing their mortgage.”

The Dwello team includes Nathan, and a team of experienced non-executives including Mike Rose, Simon Lloydbottom, Manuel Heinke and Oliver Wadlow, who all bring a wealth of business knowledge and expertise.

To find out how the Dwello team can help you email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., visit www.dwellomortages.com or follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn @dwellomortgages