A Shropshire mortgage adviser is launching a series of pop-up advice surgeries across the county as people continue to struggle with industry changes and mortgage rates.

Nathan Blissett, founder and principal mortgage adviser at Dwello Mortgages in Telford, said people were struggling to understand the daily changes in the industry and many were panicking and often making regretful choices.

Mr Blissett, based in St James’ House in Central Park, said people were reading the media headlines, receiving letters from their mortgage providers telling them of increased payments or that their fixed rate was coming to an end and trying to navigate through on their own with very little information.

He hopes that by bringing the personal, face to face, free advice surgeries to towns and villages across the county, people will be able to learn exactly what is right for them and the options to them.

The Dwello Mortgages team hope to work with estate agents across the county and other venues to host their pop-up mortgage surgeries. Nathan would like to include the more rural areas in his tour in order to avoid people having to travel.

“These surgeries could be held in a cafe, a town hall, a sports club or stadium, at a staff meeting or event, at a business premises such as an estate agents or a library or be held for a specific group of people - the majority of people in such places will either have a mortgage already and may not know what product is right for them at this current time; will be considering buying their first home in the future; will be considering upsizing or have a Buy To Let property or portfolio. 

“Each individual scenario brings up its own set of questions, worries and anxieties and we want to help people understand what the market looks like for them, what options they have and why - understanding the why is so important for all involved,” he said.

Mr Blissett has received an increasing number of enquiries from clients who have seen their perfect property and claim they don’t think it is the right time to buy now or from landlords who think they need to sell their Buy To Let portfolio which has a significant impact on people who need to rent.

“These conclusions are usually based on one headline or one article or even on something a friend or family member has told them who has a completely different set of circumstances,” Mr Blissett said.

“We know people are busy and struggle to find the time and therefore the ‘mortgage’ goes to the bottom of the to-do list - despite it probably being the most important and urgent thing on the list!

“We hope by being available face to face at a place where they are already and might have time on their lunch break or on a day off, then they will be able to learn so much more about the mortgage market and what is available to them and hopefully take some stress away from them.

“Mortgages aren’t just numbers, they are dreams and ambitions waiting to be realised and we love helping people get there with as little stress as possible!” 

The Dwello team has already hosted a pop-up clinic where they are based in St James’ House for fellow workers at a range of businesses within the building. The session was deemed a huge success after staff said they were glad to be able to get free advice whilst on their lunch breaks or at the end of the working day.

Mr Blissett said it was vital professionals within the industry worked together so homeowners and potential homeowners in Shropshire know they have a strong, trustworthy network to guide them and support them.

Any business or group organiser which would like to book Dwello Mortgages to host a pop-up surgery at their venue or to book Nathan as a guest speaker at their group should email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Nathan on 0333 533 0051 or send a Whatsapp message to 07714 597 081. For more information about Dwello visit https://dwellomortgages.com/