Now Display recently had the great pleasure of working alongside Muller Rice in their new and exciting campaign: The Rice Mobile. 

The brief consisted of an ex-army truck being transformed into the “Rice Mobile” for Muller’s ‘Rice Rice Baby’ TV advertisement. 

Muller has had a big push this year in promoting their famous Rice Pudding pots. With their recent collaboration of popular Premier League star Declan Rice in 2022, they took this promotion to a new, more interactive level in creating an advert featuring the midfielder.

When creative agency We Are Girl & Bear approached Now Display regarding the advert in early June 2023, They were very pleased to take on the project which required them to design, fully wrap and kit out this funky ex-army truck conversion – courtesy of Classic French Vans. The completed wrap was needed at a relatively fast turnaround due to filming arrangements, so their team worked efficiently alongside We Are Girl & Bear to ensure a striking, immediately recognisable design was established before setting off on the production side: wrapping. Now Displays' fitters intricately applied branded details and lettering on top of the full red base wrap, resulting in a bold, vibrant vehicle.

After finishing the externals, their next task meant navigating a way to transforming the van’s internals – which originally was definitely not camera ready… With some careful crafting and installation, we used various materials such as fabrics, artificial grass and branded pillows to translate the vibrancy from the outside to the inside; a great team effort!

Once all was complete, the van set off for filming production in Kingston, where footballer Declan Rice and Soccer AM presenter Tubes rode the van around Rice’s home roots before handing out Muller Rice pots to visitors and kids. Now Display were told the truck was a hit with all involved, which they were super glad to hear.

The resulting campaign released in late June 2023 which looked incredible. Now Display were really pleased to see the truck in action alongside the stars involved. A great project all round with great creative effort from everyone involved.