Life at Start Tech

Working at Start Tech is a unique and refreshing experience, far from the typical stereotypes associated with IT companies. Our approach to the workspace culture is the key to our success, as we prioritise growth, development, creativity, and open-minded thinking.

Our team is a diverse group of like-minded individuals who share a genuine passion for technology and cyber security. This brings a fantastic dynamic to the office, creating an environment where different perspectives are valued and respected.

Our business structure emphasises transparency, with shared forecasts and frequent progress updates, ensuring that team members always have visibility of the company’s future and direction.

Passion is at the core of our work, reflected in the quality of service that we deliver, our extensive industry knowledge, and the high standards we set for ourselves.

We understand the importance of appreciating our team’s efforts, and we make sure our employees feel valued – This has been a key element to our staff retention.

In addition to the standard benefits like competitive salaries, generous holidays, and the flexibility of hybrid working, we offer a range of exciting extra perks that truly set us apart.

These include private healthcare, a yearly profit share scheme, birthdays off, volunteer days, and cupcakes to celebrate achievements, big or small. We are also proudly accredited as a Living Wage Employer.

“Grow Your Own” is our approach to young talents and apprenticeships. A third of our team started as apprentices and, of those, two are now working in managerial positions.

We firmly believe that apprenticeships are the best way to get your foot in the door and gain invaluable experience.

As well as apprenticeships, we also provide a structured work experience program for young people. This provides them with a taste of what it’s like to work in our industry.

You can read more about our most recent work experience person, Dexter in this blog post

Earlier this year, our office space had a complete redesign and refurbishment, transforming it into a modern, open-plan environment with new furnishings and decorative touches to bring it to life – We even got an air fryer! You can find out more about our new office in this blog post


Adding to the enjoyable work environment, we’ve introduced a team breakout room where employees can take a 5-minute break, enjoy their lunch, or unwind after a productive day. The room is filled with personal touches from each team member with artwork of their favourite photos. A breakout room has to include some fun, options include friendly games of pool, competitive table tennis games, or playing Xbox.


Since Covid-19 brought about changes to how many businesses operate, we have embraced changes such as remote/hybrid working and implemented new security measures so that our team are just as secure whether they’re in the office or working away.

This flexibility in where they work has benefitted their work-life balance, improved productivity, and allowed us to implement extended hours via our Service Desk since travel time was no longer a constraint.

It’s not all work and no play. We appreciate that it’s important for everyone to let their hair down and relax every so often. Whether we do it as an entire company or per department, we encourage regular activities outside of work such as meals out, attending social events, or activities such as our recent Service Desk bowling trip.


At Start Tech, we’ve shattered the traditional IT company image and replaced it with an inclusive, supportive, and enjoyable work environment. We believe that when you are passionate about your work and surrounded by a fantastic team, success is inevitable.