Bethphage is a charitable and specialised provider of support for adults aged 18 and above, who are living with learning disabilities. Their dedication to improving the lives of these individuals resonates deeply with me, for two important reasons.

Firstly, my daughter, Lucy, is a dedicated member of the Bethphage team, and her commitment to their mission has shown me the profound impact of their work. Secondly, my stepdaughter, Emily, benefits from organisations like Bethphage in the area she resides in. Witnessing the positive influence of charities like Bethphage has made me even more passionate about supporting their cause.

As many of you know, I have faced mobility issues and various health challenges since 2019. However, I firmly believe that, regardless of our personal struggles, we can all contribute to making a difference. That's why I've decided to embark on a meaningful journey.

Starting now and continuing until New Year's Eve, I will be undertaking a gym triathlon, striving to cover a total of 35 miles through rowing, recumbent cycling, and arm cycling. This endeavor will demand dedication and hard work, particularly as I may need some downtime due to my ongoing struggles with fatigue and joint issues.

I am reaching out to you for support in raising £500 for this challenge. Not only will this be a significant milestone for my personal health and stamina recovery, but it will also contribute to the incredible work that Bethphage does.

Last year, I was largely housebound after having my driver's license revoked, but I have been back on the road for about five weeks now. With no excuses left, I am committed to getting to the gym and taking on this challenge.

Your support will make a difference, not just in my personal journey but in the lives of those Bethphage serves. To learn more about Bethphage and their vital work, please visit their website I will be blogging about my progress throughout the challenge to keep you updated.

Please join me in supporting Bethphage and the individuals who benefit greatly from their services. Your contribution will help create a brighter future for many. Thank you for your generosity and encouragement.

Together, we can make a positive impact.