Telford College is working with one of the town’s leading manufacturers to help boost the ‘employability and productivity’ of the local workforce – with an eye on transformation and sustainability.

The partnership with DENSO, which makes thermal systems for the automotive industry, followed a successful Engineering Skills Solution breakfast meeting at the college’s Wellington campus.

The event brought together a number of key local employers with the college’s leadership team, sustainability experts, and WMG from the University of Warwick, which provides innovative solutions to industry through research, education and collaboration.

Alan Markworth of DENSO said: “We are excited to join this collaboration. We see it as a great opportunity with Telford College, WMG and the wider business community, to explore and identify the needs for future skills and capability and, within the same group, bridge this skills gap together.

“Our joint objective is to provide development and to strengthen and sustain the employability and productivity of the local workforce, current and future, upon which we all depend.”

Dr Ben Silverstone of WMG added: “WMG is really pleased to be involved in this collaborative effort to support DENSO to achieve their transformation aims.

“The close collaboration between Telford College and WMG, University of Warwick, on this project is a clear example of how further and higher education can work together effectively to take national skills agendas, contextualise them to regional needs and then apply them in communities to ensure our manufacturing sector can thrive.” 

Sustainability specialist Andy Whyle, a Telford Business Board member who is also closely involved with the project, said: "Sustainability is not merely a competitive advantage; it is a business imperative.

“Telford distinguishes itself through its ability to foster a collaborative environment where businesses can share challenges, opportunities, and innovative best practices.

“Sustainability, by reducing costs, preserving jobs, and protecting the environment, ensures business continuity and responds to the growing customer demand for action towards Net Zero.

“The Telford Business Board Sustainability Group and the Telford Sustainability and Energy Cluster are comprised of businesses that possess the knowledge and enthusiasm to enhance our sustainability efforts.

“Collaborating with Telford College and WMG will establish the necessary platform to develop the much-anticipated Telford Energy Network."

Janet Stephens, Telford College’s deputy chief executive, said: “We are eager to improve our understanding of our local engineering and manufacturing employers’ skills and education requirements.

“We want to support their continued ambition to reduce waste, support improvements in efficiency and ability to reduce cost - which will ultimately ensure the sustainability of the businesses in our area, and of course safeguard jobs for the future”.

The latest project follows a major conference held at Telford College earlier this year on electrification and sustainability, which included the launch of Telford Electrification Network Group (TenG).

The group is aimed at bringing business leaders in the manufacturing, engineering and sustainability sectors together with educators for insights into the future of electrification and sustainability.