Join Lloyds Bank Foundation on the 25th March in Telford 1pm - 3.30pm for a light lunch and to discuss the next steps to sharing, learning and making change happen in recruitment.


The meet up provides opportunity to join other employers in Telford to address the current recruitment challenges; in accepting that the world is clearly changing means we need to move away from stale recruitment methods we might be using into a position that makes recruitment practices fit for the now and the future in your organisation and for the people living and working in the borough.


Join their group of employers in Telford committed to real change in the borough, an opportunity for employers to benefit and for people working to gain the opportunity of fair and good employment.


A group that by working, sharing, testing and learning with others begin to address the challenges of filling vacancies, developing the workforce and achieving a diverse and committed workforce within the process. So, looking at the current challenges but also building resilience for the future.


This will be more than an employer network group feeding in and out or being presented to, it will consider the challenges you are trying to overcome as an employer alongside the collective challenges of the group, to see the challenges and important the solutions through different, multi facet lenses and work together to create the right environment for change, supported by those that can help change happen.


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