Telford based high-speed door manufacturer EFAFLEX, are hosting a themed event to showcase the best in design engineering. Celebrating 50 years in business, EFAFLEX have built a reputation for developing class leading fast action doors. It’s no surprise therefore that they support local students at the University of Wolverhampton who offer a degree course featuring their own motorsport race team.

Darren Turrell, Managing Director for EFAFLEX UK said, "As a business, we look to support the next generation, whether that’s with kit for the local football team, or as we have here, for our designers and engineers of the future.

"We have sponsored the University of Wolverhampton race team since 2020 and it’s a delight to see the students put their classroom theory into practice, successfully competing against national and international racing teams with world class drivers."

On Thursday 16th May, EFAFLEX will be welcoming visitors and demonstrating one of their high-speed, fast action industrial doors, to give people the opportunity to learn more about the many cost saving benefits that their doors bring.

Alongside the door demonstration will be the impressive F3 motorcar that the university students helped to design and build, and which has won more than 20 races since 2016, culminating in the win of the F3 Cup in 2021.

Terry Gibson from the University of Wolverhampton stated, "Sponsors such as EFAFLEX have given our students the opportunity to develop skills and experiences learned in the race team into industry when they graduate.

"We are delighted to be a part of EFAFLEX’s Open Day where there will be opportunities for visitors to win tickets to one of the well-known UK racetracks too."

Anyone who would like to attend the Open Day is asked to register their interest via the company’s website.

Free to attend, and open from 11.00am – 3.00pm, Bavarian street food is being served during lunchtime as a nod to EFAFLEX’s German heritage.

Darren Turrell concluded, "This is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to understand more about our industrial doors, see one in action, and appreciate how they can significantly reduce energy costs, and help customers drive logistic improvements.

"We look forward to welcoming visitors to our Telford facility and sharing our knowledge."


Visit EFAFLEX’s UK website, for more information and to download tickets.