Shrewsbury-based Protection Zone has become an approved UK retailer of the award-winning Liquid Guard® product, which protects against bacteria and viruses for a full year.

A Shropshire-based start-up has thrown its weight behind a new spray that has been proven to protect against bacteria and viruses for a full year.

Protection Zone, based in Bishops Castle, has invested more than £400,000 in preparing to sell a product called Liquid Guard®, which forms an anti-microbial layer on surfaces and has been created by scientists involved with Nano-Care UK.

It works through nanotechnology, which is a type of science where nano spikes in the spray kill bacteria and viruses including coronaviruses and influenza on contact, but then also form a protective layer for a full 12 months.

Liquid Guard® is already being used in countries worldwide including New Zealand and India in the fight against coronaviruses, with European banks, international airports and government buildings all adopting the product.

The supply agreement means Protection Zone becomes an official UK retailer of the spray, with the company’s founders believing the product can offer businesses and homes longer-term protection from bacteria and viruses than anything else available in the UK right now.

Piran Littleton, Managing Director at Protection Zone, said: “We really believe that Liquid Guard® could have a key role to play in the battle to get businesses back up and running, giving people the confidence to step out and get back to some sense of normality.

“Antiviral sprays are immediately effective against things like coronaviruses, but they typically provide protection for around 10 minutes after the surface is dry.

“That’s what makes Liquid Guard® unique – it’s scientifically proven to offer protection for a full year once fully bonded, so any virus or bacteria that comes into contact with the treated surface is killed.”

Liquid Guard® has received international recognition as a German Product Innovation award winner and rigorous trials have shown it to be 99.8% effective in killing ‘enveloped viruses,’ which include coronaviruses.

The UK Government has also recommended that treatments that are effective against enveloped viruses are suitable to be used in protection against COVID-19.

“Everything from office desks to mobile phones, door handles, worktops, chairs or kettles can be treated, giving people more confidence in their surroundings,” added Piran.

“We’re incredibly excited about the possibilities this spray could have and hope that we can help to reopen businesses and keep workplaces much safer for longer.”

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Photo: Piran Littleton, Managing Director at Protection Zone.


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About Protection Zone

Protection Zone is an approved UK retailer of Liquid Guard®, a revolutionary spray that protects surface against bacteria and viruses for 12-months, to keep you and those around you safer.

The award-winning Liquid Guard® is the most effective, long-term antimicrobial solution available today. The spray is odourless and safe for humans and animals and can be applied to any surface within your home or workplace.

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