Madeleys First Aid Plus, in collaboration with Protrainings, is offering a range of new, tailored courses to provide expert first aid training.

Leveraging years of experience in A&E and ITU, including a stint in Covid ITU at RSH, Lou Madeley founded the company in 2021.

The aim was to introduce a new type of trainer to the industry: a medically trained professional with extensive experience who can offer a comprehensive approach to First Aid.

This includes explaining the interaction between the heart and brain that can lead to cardiac arrest.

Additionally, as a former mental health nurse with a neuroscience background, the mental health first aid course delves into the workings of antidepressants, the benefits of treating certain mental health conditions, and thus enriches the trainee's learning experience.

After 18 months, Madeleys First Aid Plus was awarded the FSB Start-Up Business of the Year for the West Midlands, a significant achievement considering the thousands of entrants vying for the honor.

This victory underscores the vital role of medical professionals within the First Aid sector.

In her spare time, she dedicates herself to volunteering as a Community First Responder (CFR) in Much Wenlock, attending to category 1 and 2 emergencies as dispatched by the West Midlands Ambulance Service. "Teaching CPR is profoundly impactful when you've administered it countless times; it provides a depth of understanding that only comes from real-life application."

The new bespoke courses include:

- Family First Aid
- Paediatric First Aid (1 day, 6 hours) for Nannies and Au Pairs - Bespoke
- Basic Equestrian First Aid
- Forest Schools First Aid
- Motorcycle First Aid
- Cyclist First Aid Level 2
- Aviation First Aid
- Martial Arts First Aid
- First Aid for Fitness and Dance Instructors
- Beauty Therapy First Aid
- Sports First Aid Level 3
- SOVA and Child Protection Level 2 - Combined - Virtual (safeguarding course)
- Mental Health in the Workplace Level 2 - Virtual
- Community First Aid Level 2
- Aged 50 Plus First Aid
- Taxi First Aid Level 2
- Supporting Mental Health in Adventurous Settings

All Emergency First Aid at Work courses continue as always.

For more information, please contact Madeleys First Aid Plus at or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..