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What can businesses achieve from the Export Academy Programme?

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The Export Academy programme gives small and medium businesses the knowledge and expertise to export. Learning directly from experts at the Department for International Trade and a range of external specialists. This course is designed to help businesses grow their international sales in new markets overseas.

What is included in the programme?

There will be two half-day workshops providing a practical, interactive forum to explain the fundamentals of exporting. The sessions will encourage delegates to consider how they can develop their own individual export action plans.

PART 1 – 12th July 09:30-12:30, will cover:

  • The benefits of exporting and the potential barriers
  • How to select the right target markets and conduct market research
  • An introduction to the basic procedures associated with exporting products and services
  • The different routes to market available and how to select the most appropriate options

PART 2 – 19th July 09:30-12:30, will cover:

  • How to set the right price for your product or service
  • Understanding International Commercial terms
  • Customs procedures, tariffs and export controls
  • Managing money and getting paid
  • How to develop a strategic export action plan and successfully win business
Who can join?

The programme is for managers working within the export function. In order to join this programme, businesses must be based within the Midlands, East Midlands or East of England. If you would like any further information please contact your Export Adviser, call 0345 222 0159 or email poppy.surplice@mobile.trade.gov.uk.

What is the Export Academy?

Why has the Export Academy been developed?

What do businesses get from the programme?

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