Our Membership Model

We are offering new and expanded business solutions, additional choices and flexibility to our members.

Each member will be empowered to select the most appropriate level for their organisation with services and products they most value.

This flexibility will not only serve current members well but also help attract new members who can focus on business information, business intelligence, support and connectivity and much more.


Being a member provides access to contacts, networking, marketing, sponsorship and PR opportunities that will help raise your profile and exposure. (Dependent on membership level)


Being a member gives you access to FREE advice lines, insurances, legislative updates and many services to help protect you, your business and reputation.


Being a member can save you money on a wide range of essential business products and services.


Being a member can get your voice heard on the issues that affect your business. We will lobby on your behalf to those in power.


Being a member provides you with all the advice and support you need to trade internationally.

For more information about our membership levels click the link below